• Certificazioni

The company has always considered that, as a productive entity, its own assets, its structure and its capabilities, are a good of sociality. This good must therefore be protected.

Our Organizational Model, an essential basis for compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01, draws inspiration from the Code of Ethics of Vittadello Group, and its effective implementation is everyone's responsibility, supervised by internal Auditors and the Supervisory Body, independent body.

Internal and external subjects, such as partners and suppliers, have very specific obligations to respect under penalty of increasing sanctions depending on the gravity and possible repetition.

The anti-corruption model has further developed and implemented some prevention protocols and procedures with the aim of eliminating corruption, thus trying to ensure compliance with the principles introduced by the anti-corruption laws.

As reiterated in the Company's Anti-Corruption Policy, the application of the Model “concerns all the personnel working on its behalf, understood in the maximum meaning of the term, namely: employees of all levels, managers, members of the Board of Directors, members in groupings of companies, members in general, subcontractors, suppliers, professional offices, board of auditors, auditors, freelancers or any other individual associated with the company ".



Any violations of the Anti-Corruption System can be carried out via email addressed to the dedicated mailboxanticorruzione@cogevi.net