Valle Millecampi OP/287

The Valle Millecampi is a large area in ​​the southwestern Venice lagoon bordering on the southern Brenta reclamation area, the Morosina and Ghebo Storto fish farms (now closed) to the west, the open Prime Poste fish farm and a line of sandbanks to the east, covering with a total area of ​​about 460 hectares.

The works essentially involved the restoration of the canals so as to make them navigable, the reconstruction of shoal structures and the restoration of the embankments of Casoni delle Sacche and Millecampi.

Canals have been dug for a total of 6 km removing almost 40,000 cubic meters of lagoon sediments; the new shoals are those of Sacca Piccola and Pezzegalo, created with a concave shape to contrast the prevailing wind action and facilitate the deposition of sediments by wave action.

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Tags: Aqueducts and Hydraulic Engineering