ANAS VE 32/02 Cornedo

The works involved the construction of the new variant to the 5th lot at Cornedo Vicentino to SS. 246, through the construction of a road stretch approx.3.5 km long, an artificial tunnel through the town center and a at-grade crossing in Via Roma with the elimination of the previously planned overpass.
The artificial tunnel is 600 meter long, the structure is made of reinforced concrete formed by side diaphragm walls functioning as the bearing elements, housing a tank-like foundation, also in reinforced concrete.
The cross-section of the tunnel and the road section is 12 meters wide, divided as follows:
  • 1 lane in each direction with a width of 3,75 m.
  • 2 paved shoulders, each 1.50 m wide
  • 2 grassy verges, each 0.75 m wide, outside the shoulders.
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Tags: Viaducts, Roads And Tunnels